The winery has deep roots in the past which are evident in the atmospherethat you breathe in the vineyards, cellar and villa.

Most of the work is done by hand in the vineyards and the smell of wineand wood blend harmoniously in the cellar.
These roots are also evident in the centuries-old villa which evokes memories and emotions of a different century.


Tenuta di Collosorbo is located in the Southern part of Montalcino, the perfect area for growing the Sangiovese grape.


Giovanna Ciacci and her daughters Lucia and Laura continue the family tradition of producing Brunello.


The property stretches for 135 hectars, 35 are for vineyards at 250 meters up to the level of the sea.


The oldest part of the cellar holds underground tunnels and small caves, probably Etruscan, escavated in tufo.


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The estate’s wines are a product of the history, the roots and the ongoing tradition of a winemaking family.But they are also a product of continuous study, innovations and research into making optimal use of the land.